Old Tech v. New Tech


I was writing on my chalkboard the other day and another teacher walked into my room and asked why I was writing on the board when I have a Smartboard, iPads and AppleTV.  I stopped for a minute and thought about it and realized I had no real answer to this question besides the fact that I love to write on a chalkboard.  It is part of my daily routine when I come into the classroom in the morning; I hang my coat, turn on my computer, make a cup of tea, then always write the day’s activities on the chalkboard.  Old habits I suppose.  I also think I’m a bit nostalgic-when people think of schools and teachers, they think of chalkboards.  And pencils.  I stopped writing lesson plans to write this post and I was using a pencil to write them.  Yes, I have my iPad with my Google Drive app.  Yes, I have my laptop with Microsoft Word on it.  But nothing beats putting pencil to paper; I love the feel of the lead gliding across the paper.  Just as I still love reading books with paper pages on which I can scribble, annotate and underline great words and phrases. Weird, I know.  But it is what it is.

In today’s age of new technology and gadgets galore (all of which I use in class and appreciate), I think it important to never forget the “old technology” that is the chalkboard, the pencil, the paper book.  They are what led us to where we are today.

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