The Last Week of Summer (a.k.a. ‘The Calm Before the Storm’)


We educators love summer…it’s the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. This is not to imply that I dislike my job; on the contrary, I love my job and have no idea what I would do if someone told me I was no longer able to teach. But I need time to refresh and recharge to be at my best. This applies not only to teaching, but to my personal life as well. This is why I get up early every morning to exercise before anyone else is awake in my house. This is why I love my plan period at school and I get 42 minutes to myself (some days, but not many). This is why I still need to take a quick nap before going out after a long day (my affinity for nap-taking is a running joke among my friends). It’s just part of my make-up and who I am. So, summer is a welcomed break from the craziness and chaos that can be a part of the teaching profession.

Admittedly, however, August inevitably is the time when I begin to crave being back in my classroom and the security that a structured schedule allows. I want that both for myself and for my two girls (their days of sleeping until 10:00 are now numbered, much to their dismay). Now it is August 21 and I start school in two days. Two days. The mere thought makes me so very nervous and excited at the same time. But this is a different kind of nervous than the typical first-day jitters; this is due in part to the implementation of the iPads in my classroom this year. I want it to go well, but realize this is going to be a learning curve for me, the students, the other teachers involved in the program, the administrators and the tech department. There will be hiccups along the way. But I think I’m ready…

In the meantime, I am going to enjoy my last 48 hours of summer. I am now returning from a fun weekend camping trip at the beach, I’m going to finish the first ‘Harry Potter’ book which I finally started ten years too late (my daughter is reading the second one in the pictures) and I’m going to enjoy spending time with my kids. I will relax and be as calm as I can as I get ready for the storm.

And I will fret as I think about everything I still need to do as I finish preparing for this new school year…

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